• Is MentorBox a scam?

  • Posted on January 11, 2019
  • Self-development programs are everywhere. Some of them are legit while others are not. Hence, it is important to do thorough research and read reviews only from credible sources. One of the famous self-development subscription programs is MentorBox.

    What is a MentorBox?

    It is a self-development subscription program intended for people who want to expand their knowledge and skill set through reading but do not have the spare time to do so. The program was created by Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr; both are successful entrepreneurs, social media legend, and avid readers.

    Is it a scam?

    The answer is a big NO! The people behind MentorBox are successful businessmen and they built their business from the ground up. Tai Lopez is a social media influencer while Alex Mehr was successful at creating over 30 businesses in various fields. Their success is a result of their reading habit. They learned from the best people in the business and they had the opportunity to be mentored at a fraction of the cost.

    They created MentorBox to give people access to a high-quality yet affordable mentoring program. Once you sign up to MentorBox, you get to choose between online and physical subscription. An online subscription lets you access the learning materials online while physical subscription lets you receive a box containing reading/learning materials every month right at your doorsteps.

    What comes in the box?

    • Two curated books (handpicked by mentors)
    • Cheat sheets (summary of the book)
    • Study guide (transforms reading into action)
    • Bookmarks
    • USB flash drive (contains videos that walk you through the books)
    • Motivational quote magnet

    Can you cancel your subscription?

    MentorBox has a three-day risk-free trial. You will only be charged a subscription fee after the trial period and after agreeing so. You will receive an email asking if you want to keep going or cancel. If you opt to cancel your subscription, you can do so any time. You can also ask for a refund provided it is within the 30-day period.
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    What’s great about MentorBox?

    • You can read books and get its key points without going through the page one by one.
    • The reading materials are handpicked by highly credible mentors and authors.
    • The reading materials include various topics like business, building wealth, networking, self-development, and the likes.
    • It enables you to build your garden of knowledge without affecting your daily life routine. All it takes is 10 minutes of your day.
    • The people behind MentorBox (Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr) are successful in their chosen field. They share their expertise with the world through MentorBox. Such methods of learning and acquiring skillset worked for them and so it will surely work for you.
    Is MentorBox a scam? The answer is a big NO! It is a legit program and it can help improve your life as long as you commit to it.

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